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Updated Alinous-Core Official Website

Updated Alinous-Core's Official site. This site is based on HTTP protocol base, and used to be powered by lame CMS.

But now, changed the Content Management System of this website and also changed the server.

About CMS

This CMS is Alinous Document CMS to be released in the near future. This CMS is written in Alinous-Core and you can use Alinous-Core language on the browser.

And this has powerful debugger which works on the web browser.

Debugger of Alinous Document CMS

Currently this CMS is beta version and the source code is hosted in the Git hub.

Openshift Cartridge for Document Management Software

This source code is provided as Openshift cartridge that I mention next.

About Sever

We changed the server of this website into the cloud server. We are using Openshift. We can use it free within 3 Gears (means server). This website is hosted by the gear.

By preparing the Cartridge of Application, we can install it into the gear by specifying url of the cartridge. Install is very easy. So we decided to make cartridge of the openshift.

After testing it by this website some more. We are going to release it.

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