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Alinous-Core IDE 2.0.20 released

Today Alinous-Core IDE 2.0.20 released. The Alinous-Core server is unchanged
The change is below.

The Alinous-Core is useful eclipse plugin to support server side program for jQuery.

jQuery Design Pattern

By understanding these examples, I guess you can make Rich UI web based application rapidly. The pattern used in web development is not so many. So once you prepare them, your development speed is highly enhanced.

And there are many useful and free jQuery UI plugins in the internet. This time I focused on the FullCalendar  plugin. This is very useful plugin.

This has a lot of functions and to customize it is very easy. If you have to make a schedule management application, you can make it in 30 minutes by using this example.

Application Components

Next mission of this software is below.
  • Making more application examples
  • Making selenium example project
Next especially important theme is testing software. The cost of testing is so huge that I always recommend to automate that. Next time I'll make the example using selenium.

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