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Alinous-Core Server and IDE updated

Alinous-Core server and the IDE updated. In this release,

  • New example to test jquery project added
  • The jQuery project is modified to be testable
  • Bug fixed
  • Server configuration updated

The Eclipse IDE is available from network installer of Eclipse.

The new server module is available from Alinous-Core server's download page.

Next Alinous-Core's development task is to make useful application examples. After making new example application, the Alinous-Core will be updated.

We are planning applications below

  1. Google Webmaster tool and robot access analyzer for SEO
  2. Web page action recorder for the landing page
  3. Portable shopping cart
  4. Customer management system
  5. Content management system
  6. Stock management system

Next release will be done when the Google Webmaster tool and robot access analyzer is completed.

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