• DSL supports functions with library and language itself
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DSL supports functions with library and language itself

The Alinous-Core is one of the Domain Specific Languages(DSL). And as you know, this is for web development using database.

The DSL is very powerful, because it provide functions by not only library but language itself.

Especially Alinous-Core supports executing SQL by the language specification. In ordinally case, it is implemented by framework to execute sql.

If SQL is supported by language engine, it is very easy to use it. But there is more benefit. The IDE can know what the program is doing more deeply.

This is very efficient to keep quality of source code. Alinous-Core has code cheker to check mistake of SQL. And has content-assist for Table and columns by writing install script.

This time, I have finished to translate the Function reference. This is last of the translation.

Next, I'm going to make more samples of web parts. Recently, rich UI using jQuery is popular, so I'm going to make parts using it.

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