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For whom? Alinous-Core is?

Alinous-Core is Domain Specific Language. The domain is web application using database.

The database is mainly PostgreSQL.

For whom I developed the Alinous-Core? Of cource for me. But there are a lot of persons who is suitable to use this programming language.

For example

  • Database specialisy who want to create web sample project to check performance in actual use.
  • Web designer who want to do full stack job containing application programing.
  • Startup venture company who is going to launch new web service quickly


I'll tell you the detail in other article someday, you can develop enterprise application. It is because I can made it, and I actually install for my customers.

Some applications in the server runs for more than 3 years without hangup.

There are no performance problem because Alinous-Core support high performance access engine to PostgreSQL.

So if you want to make a business application, please try Alinous-Core.

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