• Let's make your software automated testing available.
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Let's make your software automated testing available.

I've almost finished to make tutorial of testing automation for jQuery examples. In this process, I found some of them are not ready for that.

The difference between one of testing automation ready and not ready is whether it is accessible with xpath or not.

I often use xpath to specify the element in the web browser, so if it is not specified by the xpath, it is impossible to test it by JUnit and selenium, which is out of the web browser.

The most easy way to make the web application ready for the xpath is to add attribute which means the identifier of the element.

For eexample, this time, I use the jqtree's example. The default tree's node has no id to specify the node element. So I added attribute like below, by using  "onCreateLi", which is event handler function fired when the node "li" tags are renderd.

I added dataid attribute. So the jqTree's node has this id and acccess by xpath like below.

This is very useful to test it.

I'll add contents about web based software testing automation, at Software test, and after done that, I'll release new version of Alinous-Core IDE.

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