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Next step is useful jquery and selenium

I've almost written whole specification about Alinous-Core programming language. So, next theme is how to use it.

I'm going to focus on
  • jquery
  • selenium

About jquery

The jquery is very useful library. I have written a lot of code of Alinous-Core using that in Japan. And I found some design pattern to communicate with server-side code. So I'll make examples using

  • Dialog UI
  • Tree UI
  • Slidebar UI

If server-side logic is easily made by Alinous-Core, I guess you can make anterprise application very easy.

About Selenium

The selenium is testing automation tool library, and I've used a lot.

By automating software test, it is easy to

  •  Change code and test again
  • Co-work with remote developers

And I'll make example how to check result with the executed one and prepared one.

From now, I'll update developer resources page.

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