Code Editor

Alinous-Core Code Editor on the web is based on the CodeMirror. It is extended by writing language support plugin of the CodeMirror.

In addition to the Alinous-Core, it natively supports Html and CSS, too.

Alinous-Core Support

 The Alinous-Core programming language mode supports the grammar.

Alinous-Core support

It colors the reserved words of programming language, comments, variables, numbers, and strings. If there is a wrong parts, it is colored red.

wrong code

Html Support

The CodeMirror supports Html.

Html supports

The Alinous-Core extends HTML, but it is familiar to the HTML format. Therefore you can use Html editor on the same way with normal Html.

Css Support

The CodeMirror also supports Css.

Css support

You can edit all content and program with this editor. About more detail, please take a look at Edit Contents

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