Using Debugger

Alinous-Core Code Editor has powerful debugger which works on the web browser. By using web debugger, you can check the code you wrote on the web browser.

Set up debugger to run

The debugger cooperate with the content management system. In order to run the debugger, you have to set parameters and web content to input into the program.

In this page, it uses primitive template editor page of the  Alinous Document CMS as an example.

In order to set up parameters, push the "Parameter Setting" button.

Parameter setting

Then, the dialog to set parameter appears.

parameters dialog

Select the page to run the code, and push "Set Parameters" button.

Set breakpoints

Click the left side of the editor gutter, you can set breakpoints.

debugger breakpoint

Run debugger

Push the "Debug" button, then a new debugger window is shown.

Debugger window

In this window, you can do operations below.

  • Resume
  • Step Over
  • Step In
  • Step Return

If you close the window on breaking at the breakpoint, the debugger stops the debugging thread safely.

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