Set up source code with wizard

Eclipse Plugin based Alinous Document CMS has new project wizard to set up source code and database environment. By using this wizard, you can start development to extend Alinous Document CMS very easily.

Before using the new project wizard

Before using the new project wizard, you have to set up your PC to satisfy the required software environment of the Alinous-Core.

Especially, the Alinous-Core uses PostgreSQL. The new wizard automatically set up the database tables on creating a new project of Alinous Document CMS.

About the requirement, please take a look at System Requirement.

Run the new project wizard

In order to launch the new project wizard, left click on the left pane of the Eclipse's Java perspective, and select "New" , "Project".

launch new project wizard

Then the new wizard to select the type of project appears.

select Alinous Document CMS on the wizard

Then select "Alinous Document CMS" in the Alinous-Core folder and push "Next" button. The wizard page progresses and next wizard page appears.

input Alinous Document CMS project's name

In this wizard page, input the project name, and push "Next" button.

Select the database

Then a page to confirm the database appears. Push "Next" button.

Database information

Finally, the wizard page to set database information appears. In this wizard page, you have to input following data.

  • Server address
  • Server port
  • Database name
  • User name
  • Password

The are used to set up database instance automatically. After you input those, push the "Finish" button. Then alert to confirm to do set up database and project appears, and start to set up the source code project and the database.

Run Alinous Document CMS

After creating the Alinous Document CMS project, you can run it in same way with other Alinous-Core applications. About how to run and debug it, please take a look at following pages.

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