Feature of the Container Template

The Container Templates are parts of the Top Templates. This type of templates are used when you make 2 column or 3 column layout.

Container Template management page

In order to open the management page of the Container Template, push the "Container Templates" button on the top page of management console.

Tempalte Management Page of the CMS

Then, following page appears.

Container Template Management Page

In this page, Container Templates are arranged by using categories. You can make Container Templates in the category. Therefore, if there are no categories and templates, you have to make the first category at first.

Open the Container Template editor page

Double-click the container template to edit. Then following page appears.

Container Template Editor

In this page, you can edit setting of this Container Template.

Template Layout

The Container Template has 2 column lines. You can add the Primitive Template and Container Template into the column line. But you cannot add the Container Template it self.

Available parts are on the right part of main pane.

Layout parts

Tempate's setting

The Container Template editor page has a tab to set up other setting.

Template Setting

By using those tab menu, you can set up the detail of this template.

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