Edit Container Template

The Container Template has 2 column lines in it. You can make a CMS template part with 2 column div tag layout by using this template.

Container Template editor

Go to the Container Template editor page, and open the layout editor. Then the layout editor appears.

Container Template Layer Editor

In this page, you can add template items on the left side of this page. You can add Primitive Templates and Container Templates except itself by drag-and-drop.

Setting for Html generation

From the information of this page, the template engine generate html layer. There is a section to input the div tag's information on the top of this page.

div tag arrtibutes

In this section there are 3 text input for div tags.

  • Container div id
  • Left Div id
  • Right Div id

The ids are used like Html code below.

You can edit the style sheet for this html layout. About the detail, please take a look at Edit Style Sheet and JavaScript of the Container Template.

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