Primitive Template

Primitive cms template

Primitive templates are the most basic parts of the Alinous Document CMS. You can edit the design and server side program flexibly.

Feature of the Primitive Templates

The design parts is to be implemented by the Html, css and Javascript, and server side program is written in the Alinous-Core programming language.

Therefore, in order to make or customize the CMS, the knowledge of Html, Css, Javascript and SQL is the necessary one to do that.

Make communication with web designer easier

The primitive Template parts are a component to build page templates used in the Content Management System. They are reusable in the Top Templates and Container Templates.

Therefore, when you customize the common header of whole website, you have to make only the header part design, and add it into the Top Template and Container Template design. The footer parts, side navigation, article part and so on, is reusable in the same.

When you order to create a design to designer

When you order to make web design, you can order the design of the Primitive Template parts. After that, you can use it in many part of the CMS Templates.

Import and Export the primitive parts to distribute them

The Primitive Template parts has function to import and export them. You can use it when you distribute the Primitive Templates as a designed component, and backup the last template code before update it.

CMS Functions

Primitive Template is the atomic Component of the template parts. You can edit the Html, Css, and server side logic. On writing server side logic, you can use Alinous-Core script to use SQL and script.

Edit Html, Style Sheet and Javascript

You can edit the template part's design by editing Html, Css, and Javascript. And you can preview the template part.

Edit server code

The template design part uses data of the page. The data is acquired by the server side program by selecting the database. In this section, it mentions how to edit the server side program.

Paging Template

Some of the pages has paging function. This section shows you how to make paging template.

Dynamic parts module

Normally, the CMS publishes static Html, but some pages, for example search result page, must be dynamic page.

Import and Export

You can import and export the primitive template by using zip archive.

Default CMS Template parts is comprehensive example

The Alinous Document CMS has default Primitive Templates. They are very simple. We guess that when a small business owners start to build a new website, they will create their own design by editing Html, Style Sheet and images. The server side program is completely reusable, because it has nothing to do with the web design.

Therefore we made very simple html design as the default templates. There are Primitive Templates for desktop and smartphone. If you are going to make responsive designed Template for CMS pages, customize ones for desktop.

Primitive Template for Desktop

There are following simple template parts for desktop website.

Primitive Template for Smartphone

There are following simple template parts for smartphone website.

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