Edit Html, Style Sheet and Javascript

The Primitive Template is basic component part of the template layer. You can edit the design in Html, Style Sheet, and Javascript.

Open Primitive Template Editor

At first, goto Primitive Template management page and open the Primitive Template editor.

Primitive template editor

In this page there is a tab menu.

Tab menu

You can switch the target to edit by this tab menu.

Edit Html

Click the "Html" tab in the tab menu. then the Html editor appears.

Html design editor

In this page there is "Show Header button on the editor. By pushing this button, you can hide and show the parts to input the detail of this Html.

Edit header part

This editor has header part.

Header part

In this part, you can input the detail attribute about this Primitive Template.

The "Embedded" check box is used to make this template as embedded template. Normally, this check box is off if you use this template in the Container Templates and Top Templates.

The Estimated Height is used to specify the height when you use the Layout editor of the Top Template and Container Template. This has nothing to do with publishing page, this is for template editors.

The "Dynamic" check box is used to make dynamic module. Most of Primitive Templates are used to publish static Html, then this have to be off.

The text area is to input the additional header. Additional  Javascript and Css description is necessary to this template, input them. Then the Top template which includes this Primitive Template out put them in the "<head>" tag on publish.

Edit Html Code

By using Html editor part, you can edit the html design.

Edit Html design

This Html code is based on Extended Html of the Alinous-Core. You can include values those are made by server script written in the Alinous-Core.

Edit Style Sheet

In order to edit the style sheet, click the "Css" tab in the tab menu. The css editor appears.

Edit style sheet

Edit Javascript

In order to edit the Jacascript used in this html, click the "JavaScript" tab in the tab menu. Then JavaScript editor appears.

Edit JavaScript

The Javascript you wrote here is embedded into the "<head>" tag section of the whole Html, whose Top Template includes this Primitive Template.

Preview the design

You can preview the Primitive Template by a web parts. In order to preview it, you have to input the web page to preview the data. Push the "Parameter Setting" button then following dialog box appears.

Set up page

In this dialog, select the page by the combo box and push "Set Parameters" button. Next ,click the "Preview" button. Then new pop up window appears and show the preview of the template part.

Preview the template part

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