Edit Container Template

Create a new template for the website, and edit, set up it after create it.

Create a new Top Template

Go to the Top Template management page, and click the "Create a new Template" button.

CMS Top Template management page

Then the dialog to create a new Top Template appears.

dialog box to create a new top template

In this dialog, you have to input the "Template Code" and "Template Name". After inputting them, click the "New Template" button.

Then a new Top Template is created and it is listed in the left parts of the management page.

Edit the Top Template

Click the link of the list on the right, then the editor page to edit the layout of the top template appears.

default top template

At first there are no part in this template, so you should add a part to this template.

The right part of this template editor is a pallet of template components. It includes Primitive Templates and Container Templates. By adding the part into the top template's column line, you can add it.

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