Feature of the Top Template

Top Template of the Alinous Document CMS is the top module of the template engine.

Top Template management page

In order to open the management page of the Top Template, push the "Top Templates" button on the top page of management console.

Tempalte Management Page of the CMS

Then, following page appears.

CMS Top Template management page

In this page, you can manage Top Templates.

Open the top template page to edit

Click the link of the Top Templates list, you can open the detail of the Top Template.

Top Template edit page

In this page, there are information about the Top Template.

Template Layout

The top template has one column. You can add the parts on the left side of the page into this template column by drag and drop.

The parts you can use is Container Templates and Primitive Templates.

Template parts

After you add them, the template parts are shown here automatically.

Template detail

The Top Template has some more information to generate Html page. There are tabs in this page.

You can use these tab pages when you edit the detail of the Top Template.

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