Middle of Main Page

This template is used in the middle part of the standard page. This template implements the 2 column line layout by the "div" tag.


This template supports 2 columns div layout. You can preview this template parts by the preview function of the CMS.

2 column layout

This part is used in the Standard Pages and located under the header parts.

Design setting

You can edit the layout by drag and drop.

Design Layout setting

This layout contains following parts.

If you want to add link to the latest blog articles, add the Blog side part by drag and drop. But if your website has some theme, we recommend you to make the template simple. That is because the search engine uses template's content in detecting theme of the page.

Style Sheet

The Style Sheet (css) for this div layer is below.

This style sheet is for the top template with 1000 pixel width.

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