Article part

The Primitive Template of the article part, which is used by the normal content pages whose page type is content.


In order to preview the article part, open it with Primitive Template editor page, and select the page to preview in the parameter setting dialog.

The appearance of article part is below.

article part preview

The article part is one of the most used part. This part is used in following templates.

Design Setting

The design of this template part is consist of html and style sheet.


The html code of this template part is below.

This html code is very simple. It outputs the content of the article into the div tag whose id is "content".

If the container of this template uses paging, then it output the contents when the number of page is 0, that means the first page.

This part uses microdata, which is "". In this html, it specify the "articleBody" by div tag. The "name" item operator attribute, which means article's title, is added inside the content's h1 tag, by the server side program.

You can watch the number of detected microdata by web master tools. It is useful to check the health of your webiste in SEO.

detected micodate's number

Style Sheet

The style sheet for the html is below.

This css file contains styles for the contents of the document, for example, "h1", "h2", and "h3" tag. When you want to overwrite the style of the main content, please edit here.

Server side program

The server side program of article part is below.

In this program, it selects the "cms_page" database table. When the "$IN.publish" parameter's value is "publish-meta", it means "preview mode. Therefore, it uses the draft article data.

The "Microdata.addItemProp()" function inserts microdata's item property attribute to the specified tag. On this code, it inserts "itemprop='name'" property into the h1 tag.

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