Rss Navi Widget Component

The Primitive Template of the Rss feed's link gadget. The gadget is written in html and contains image resources of the RSS icon.


In order to preview the rss navi part, open it with Primitive Template editor page, and select the page to preview in the parameter setting dialog.

The appearance of the rss navi part is below.

Rss navi part preview

This part is a gadget in the side part. Following Container Templates has this gadget.

Design Setting

The design of the rss navi part consists of Html and Style Sheet.

Most of you have to customize this part when you launch your own site. Please change the links to the rss you made by this Content Management System.


The html code of rss navi is below.

Style Sheet

The style sheet for the html above is below.

Server side program

This part is just a html part, so it does not use the server side program.

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