Blog Article Page

Top Template of the Blog article pages. This template is for the blog article page, whose page type is "blog".This template contains the Blog Article Container template.

Appearance of Blog Article Page

The appearance of the blog article page is below.

Blog article page

Design Setting

The design setting of this template is below. The setting consists of layout, html code, and style sheet.


Layout of the template parts is below.

layout of blog article page

This layout design setting contains following parts.

This template's 2 column design is included in the Blog Article Container part. By pushing the "Open and Edit" button on each part, you can open it with a new window, and edit it.


The html code to generate the html is below.

Style Sheet

The style sheet of this template is below.

Server side program of Blog Article Page

The server side program for the top page is same with one of the standard template. About the program, please take a look at Server side program.

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