Blog Top Page

This page mentions the top of the blog page. The top of the blog page has paging part. Therefore you can learn how to implement the Top Template containing the paging part.

Appearance of Blog Top Page

The appearance of the blog top page is below.

Blog Top Page

Design Setting of Blog Top Page

The design setting of this template is below. The setting consists of layout, html code, and style sheet.


Layout of the template parts is below.

layout of blog top page

his layout design setting contains following parts.


The html code to generate the html is below.

In this Html template, this page is "noindex,follow". That is because the blog is not the main contents for this website, and the blog top page has possibility to make duplicated contents.

If you want to index this page's content, remove the meta tag blocking robots.

Style Sheet

The style sheet of this template is below.

Server side program

The server side program of the blog category is below.

Main program

The main part of this program is below.

This program does following procedure.

  • Get current page object
  • Making title and desctiption
  • Make $self variable which is the canonical url of this page

The procedure to get current page object is same with Get current page object of the Standard Page's template. And one to make $self variable is also same with Make canonical url.

Paging and title, description

In the main program, next section makes the title and description.

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