Top Page

The template for the top page. The default template for the top page is different from one of the other normal content pages. Therefore you can easily customize the top page.

Appearance of Top Page

You can preview the design of the top page from the template editor. The appearance of the top page is below.

Top page design

The default top page is 2 column layout. The top page of the website is significantly important page, so we recommend you to customize the page as you like.

Design Setting of Top Page

The setting of Top Page is following.


Layout of the template parts is below.

Top page design layout

This template layout has following parts

The Middle of Top Page part is Container Template to implement the 2 column layout. By clicking the "Open and Edit" button, you can open it and edit the layer.

If you want to make a page with single column layout, remove the part and add other Primitive Template instead of it.


The html code to generate the html is below.

When you want to add any element in the header section of the top page, write here.

Style Sheet

The style sheet of this template is below. 

The basic css of the top page is here. You can add css code for the html of top page here.

Server side program of Top Page

The server side program for the top page is same with one of the standard template. About the program, please take a look at Server side program.

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