Smartphone Footer Component

Template part for footer of all smartphone pages. This page have to be edited when you start to build a new website.

The desktop browser version is Footer Part.


The appearance of the footer part is below.

Smart phone header part

This part has site map for 2nd and 3rd level document. This makes users easy to understand the structure of content in this website. Especially the smart phone page has less opportunity to show navigation link part, so this part is useful.

And this part is also to be edited the design of html, as well as Header part.

Edit the design

This template part consists of Html and Style Sheet.

Edit html

The html of footer design is below.

This html has copy right section and navigation part. When you build a new website, please edit the copy right.

Edit Style Sheet

The css for the Html is below.

By changing the style sheet, the design will change significantly. We recommend you to change the style sheet on building your website.

On changing style sheet, please take care for smart phone optimization error. The google web master tools shows error if exists.

You can check it by the Speed Insight's User Experience section, as well as the bread list part.

Server Side Program

The server side program to get the navigation data is below.

This program basically does following operation.

  1. Get the 1st level (under top page) document node by the SQL.
  2. Get the second level node for each 1st level node by secondPages() function in the for loop.
  3. In the same for loop, set attributes for each node. The attributes are such as url and title.

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