Smartphone Blog Article

The template setting of the blog article page's smartphone page.

The desktop browser version is Blog Article Page.


The appearance of smart phone blog article is below.

smart phone blog article page

This template page has bread list, created and updated time, and article body.

This is similar to the smart phone's  article page, the difference is the created or update time.

Template parts setting

The setting for this top template is below.

cms template setting for blog article

This template has following template parts

This template has Blog Article part. This part is similar to the article page. But it has date information, the created and updated date. If you want to add micro data of blog post, add it to this part.

The blog article page can also have tags for this page's topics. The Tags of the Page shows the tags and the link to the tag's page.

The Next and Prev Article shows the sibling blog articles on sorting by the update time of the blog article.

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