Smartphone Blog Category

The template setting for the blog top page and blog category page's smart phone page.

The desktop browser version is Blog Category.


The appearance of smart phone's blog category page is below.

smart phone blog top page

This page has header as common part, bread list, and list of blog articles at the top of this page. Next, by scrolling down this page, then following detail of blog list appears.

Smart phone blog article list

The list of blog articles shows the title and description of them. In addition to that, it shows when the blog is created and updated.

Template parts setting

The setting for this top template is below.

cms template setting for blog category

This template has following template parts

This template can be used for blog's top page and category pages. The Latest Blog Article part queries the article which is under the page. For example, this template is applied to the blog top page, it queries all blog articles. That is because all of them are under the blog top page.

If it is applied to the blog category page, it queries blog articles under the category.

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