Smartphone Template for Top Page

Template for the Smartphone's top page. When you customize the top page, manipulate this template setting and inner primitive templates.

The desktop browser version is Top Page of The Template Customize Guide.


The appearance of smart phone top page is below. It has header part and the content and tag information.

smartphone top page

By scrolling down the page, the footer of the page appears.

Smart phone top page footer

The top page has header and footer part. They are to be customized, and they are common parts for all top templates.

When you are going to create a website, the first page to customize the design is this page, and by doing that, 70% of customization process is done.

Template parts setting

The setting of this top template is below.

Template setting for top page

This top template has following primitive template parts.

The top page is special page in the website, therefore the template of top and standard page is different.

In the default template, the difference between top and standard one is the bread list.

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