Overview of the Tag Management

You can use Keyword Tag and the pages which has the topic of the keyword. The keyword tag has each pages to show the information about it.

Keyword Tag and tag pages

If the Keyword Tag does not have the page, the tag is shown without link to the page on the pages which has the tag.

In order to show more information about the keyword to web visitors, you should make the page for tags.

Tag Management Page

After you login, there is the "Tag Management" button on the top page.

Tag Management button

Then following page is shown.

Tag Management console

Show Keyword Tag's Information

In order to show the information about the tag, double click the tag on the tree. Then, the information of the tag is shown on the left pane.

Keyword Tag information

The information of the Keyword Tag is below.

  • Tag Code
  • Tag Name
  • Tag Page
  • Tagged Pages

The Tag Code is input when creating this tag, and it is used in generating url of the Tag page. Tag Name is the display name of the tag.

Tagged Pages

There is a list of pages using this tag under the head line of "Tagged Pages". When you writing a content, you can add tags to the page. That is a way to add a content page to the Keyword Tag.

In addition to that, you can add a tag to pages from this page. Push the "Add Pages" button, then the dialog to select pages appears.

Add tagged page

You can query pages, adn add this page's tag to the selected pages. After you select the pages by checkbox, and select "Add Checked Pages" button.

Keyword Tag Page

By setting informations about this Keyword Tag, the Keyword Tag Page like below is generated.

Keyword Tag Page

This page has following parts.

  • Bread list of the parent keyword tags
  • Tag tree
  • Tag page's content
  • List of pages which has this tag

This page is a part of document contents tree, and the template of this page is for the tag page.

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