Install Docker Image

The docker is container based Paas platform. By using docker, you can easily use the container based server with application very easily. The docker works on the VPS service and Iaas cloud service. So, the docker has good portability when you choose the server or cloud service.

Install Docker

The VPS or cloud service provides the docker, this is not necessary. But the server does not support initially, you have to install the docker. The docker is linux based container provider, therefore it is available on most of the linux platform.

About how to install it, please take a a look at Docker Installation in the Docker's official site. After choosing the distribution of linux, you'll soon find how to set up it. 

Pull Alinous Document CMS Image from DockerHub

After installation of the Docker, you can pull the Image of Alinous Document CMS from the DockerHub. The Docker has function to get the image from the DockerHub.

Therefore you can pull the image by following command.

Run the Container

After pulling the Docker Image, you have to create container instance to run from the image. Type following command, then the Docker container service starts.

When the service runs correctly, you can access localhost by web browser.


Maintain the Container

After running the Container, you can access the docker image by ssh and terminal. About the detail, please take a look at Docker CMS Image on DockerHub.

Maintain the source code of Alinous Document CMS

The Docker image has git server, and you can get the source code and Alinous-Core with Tomcat server via ssh.

Update Alinous Document CMS

In order to update the Alinous Document CMS's source code, type following command.

This command checks out the ALINOUS_HOME in the Docker container. After you change the local folder and files, and do following command.

  1. git add -A
  2. git commit -m "update"'
  3. git push

After pushing the source code, the git's hook runs automatically in the container to update server code.

Update Alinous-Core server

In order to update the Alinous-Core server, type following command.

By executing this command, you can check out the tomcat folder, change it and push the change in same way with the source code.

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