Robot Accesslog Config

This page shows you haw to make GUI configuration of the access log format.This function is made by using jQuery Sortable.

The function of this page

 This page is to configure the access log format by using GUI interface. You can edit log format by drag and drop.

log config

 The more detail about this page's function is at Log format configuration.

Location of Source code

 The location of source code is "[ALINOUS_HOME]/admin/robotlog/" folder.

location of  the source code

Implementation of Configuration GUI

You can edit data with this GUI by drag and drop. And if you are going to move the essential element to the unused list, it alert the error message and cancel the move.

Show current configuration

 The source code of this page is "csvsetting.html" and "csvsetting.alns". The Alinous-Script make the data to show at first.

This code makes array variable, those are "@itemsUsed" and "@itemsUnused". After that, the html file extract the variables.

in this html, it uses "@alns:iterate" and "@alns:variable" attribute to handle the array variables.

Activate jquery sortable and manage drag and drop

 After rendering the html, activate jQuery Sortable by Javascript.

By calling "sortable()" to activate jQuery Sortable. On doing that, it defines call back function "stop()" and "receive()".

It has to stop essential element move to the unused list. Therefore the "receive()" call back function check that and if it occurs, alert to the user with message and cancel the move.

In the stop call back function, synchronize the both list with database, by accessing "/admin/robotlog/csvsettingupdate.alns".

The source code of the url is below.

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