Setup Tutorial for Website and Blog

After you installed the Alinous Document CMS, the initial data is of example site. So, you have to set up your own website and blog.

This section is tutorial to learn Alinous Document CMS by setting up your website.

Reset the data

The first thing you have to do is reset the initial data. The example has following data.

  • Document data
  • Keyword tag data
  • Site data
  • Change design of header, footer and navi, etc

And the templates are remain.

You can reset them and make the status empty by using empty data archive.

Create your website

After reset the data, you have to make your site in the document tree. The first node of the document tree means the website, and you have to set up the domain and scheme.

Change design of header, footer and navi, etc

The design template is still default. You can edit the design by changing Html of the template. All of the template is editable, but in this tutorial, I mention following templates.

Top Template's design

The header and footer are the parts of design template. In order to change the whole layout of the page, you have to edit the Top Template.

Smartphone design

In addition to the template design for desktop page, you have to change template design of smart phone pages.

Set up the blog

In addition to the online document page, you can host the blog in your website. In the default setting, there is no blog. Therefore if you want to make blog, you have to set up it.

After read this and experienced this CMS

After experienced changing those template, please take a look at Template Customize guide and Building Smartphone Site.

By reading this page, you can freely edit the design of your website.

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