Landing Page's Strategy

When you promote your website by internet advertisement, you have to make a landing page. Then the effectiveness of advertisement is up to the page.

In this page, I mention the strategy of the landing page with eye tracking software.

Order of Information is all

The most difficult point on creating landing page is the order to show the contents. At first, customers look at a catch copy or image advertisement banner, and next, click the link to visit the landing page.

Then they have something to know after that. But there is no information about that, they leave your site. In order to sell something, you have to make them learn why your service or product is better than other ones. Therefore you have to contrive to make customers want to stay here and read more contents.

Building chain of interest

At first, customers can't recognize your product is the best. Because they don't have enough knowledge to understand that. Therefore, you have to  build customer's knowledge step by step.

After taking a look at first content on the landing page, they'll want to know more and are interested in next knowledge. And the sequences of this step will build customer's knowledge.

But if they can't have next interest, they'll leave your website, soon. That is the most difficult point to make landing page.

The best solution is knowing customers

Most of business owners think selling on the internet website is far more difficult than doing in the shop. There are following reason.

  • Cannot see the face and reaction of customers

That is the biggest reason. But if you can watch the customers to search and view e-commerce site with standing behind them, you feel easier.

The Mouse Action tracking and replay tool make that possible. In addition to that, heatmap generator can analyze a lot of customers efficiently.

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