Record Mouse Action as Eye Tracking

This software can record mouse motion and action of the website's visitors, and replay it by the recorded log.

Record visitor's mouse action

You can specify the pages to log by adding Javascript Code to the page or CMS Template. That is because the recording process and the logged data is sent to the server, you have to avoid to give unnecessary load to the server.

Set Javascript code to a page

This method is the most easy way to log. Open the page node where you want to record action by Content Editor.

Open with Content Editor of the CMS

Click the "Additional Code" tab on the right editor area. Then following page appears.

Set Javascript to record mouse action

In this pane, add following code.

After that, push the "Publish" button to update the page. 

If you have mobile page in addition to the desktop one, then it also start to record user's mouse action.

If you want to remove the script, delete the script tag from where you input it, and publish the page again.

Set Javascript code to the CMS Template

By adding the Javascript to the Template's Html Code, you can record on the pages which uses the template.

In order to add the code, open the Top Template Editor, and click the "Html" tab.

Html editor on the Top Template Console

Then Html code editor appears. You have to write the code same with one on adding to the page in the header area. After that, push the "Save" button, next, "Apply" button. Then the Html code of the pages with this template changes and start recording mouse action.

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