Web Access Recorder

Web Access Recorder

 Web Access Recorder is a software to record website visitor's actions, and Analyze them. It can generate Mouse Move Heatmap, Scroll Heatmap, and replay the actions later.

 This software is free and the source code is opened.

Feature of Web Access Recorder

 The Web Access Recorder is a powerful and simple tool to analyze webiste visitor's action. You can know how the visitors view your web page.

You can watch each access and analyze them with making heat maps.

Replay recorded visitor's action

 The Web Access Recorder can records website visitor's action, and replay it. It records mouse move, click, scroll and window resizing.

This is the most primitive method to analyze visitor's access. But this is very powerful tool to know the detail about what the visitor feels.

Generate Mouse Move Heatmap from recorded actions

Mouse Move Heatmap

You can analyze the recorded access and generate mouse move heat map. Basically, visitors put the mouse pointer where they are watching.

Generate Window Scroll Heatmap from recorded actions

 scroll heat map

When you make a landing page for your advertise, the scroll reach is a very important index to check the advertisement and your content in the landing page matches.

Web page archiver

 The Web Access Recorder has function to archive the web page. The archived web page has version, and you can select the version when you generate a heat map.

  • Web Page Archiver
    • Archiving Page
      • Archive html
      • Where the archived page used
    • View archived page

How to use this software

 Web Access recorder is easy tool to use. You can set log analyzer into your web page by adding a line of javascript.

Setup Web Access Recorder in your local host

 This software is bundled in the Alinous-Core IDE, therefore you can install it by the new project wizard on the Eclipse platform.

  • Setup in local host
    • Setup Alinous-Core IDE
      • Before setup Alinous-Core IDE
      • Download Eclipse
      • Alinous-Core IDE via Eclipse Network Installer
    • Setup project with New Wizard

Run the demo after setup

 This software can works on your local machine. The Alinous-Core IDE has embeded server, and you can run this software very easily. You can run the demo and you'll soon understand how to use this software.

Setup Web Access Recorder into your cloud server

 After you understand how to use this software, I'll show you how to setup Web Access Recorder in the cloud server, and set logging JavaScipt to your web page.

Detail of Software implementation

 This software's source code is opened, therefore you can customize this software. This software is bundled with Alinous-Core programming language with Java.

Log website visitor's Access

 The Web Access Recorder uses JSONP to access logging server across different domain from the web browser.

  • Log visitor's action
    • Logger's source code
    • Javascript to log the action
      • Initialize Javascript
      • initialize access code
      • JSONP
      • Send report with JSONP
    • Server side program
      • First Access
      • Store logged data sent from Javascript

Archive Web Page

 The Archiver archives the web page's html, css, images and Javascript.

  • Archive web page
    • Archiver's Source code location
    • Archiving program
      • Calling archiving api
      • Archiving program
      • Convert and fetch items in the html

Replay visitor's access and actions

 By knowing how to implement player of the website visiter's action, you can make own player extended by you.

Generate Mouse Move Heat map

 The source code to make heat map of mouse move is implemented. By customizing here, you can customize the parameters to make heat maps.

Generate Scroll Heat map

 The source code to make window scroll heat map is implemented. By customizing here, you can customize the parameters to make heat maps.

Database Table Structure

 Database tables for this application software.

Make Data and Rendering Heatmap with Java

 This software is partially implemented in Java language.

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