Mouse Move Heatmap

Mouse Move Heat map

 By using website visitor's action log, it can generate heatmap of the mouse move. The best way to know user's experience deeply is to wach recorded action, but the number of accesses increases, mousemove heat map is useful.

Generate Mouse Move Heat Map

 In order to generate Mouse move heat map, select "Mouse Move Heatmp" from the top menu.

Mouse Move Heat map menu

The page to show and generate Mouse Move Heat Map appears.

Create Heatmap

Push the "Create new Heatmap" button, then a dialog to select the page and period to create heat map appears.

Create Heat map dialog 1

Input the HeatMap page and Analyzing periog, and push the "Next>" button. The HeatMap Page text input has autocomplete function, therefore you input a character in the text input, the candidates are shown and you can select from them.

Create Heat map dialog 2

Next, select the archived web page version. The Web Access Recorder archives the web page, image, css and Javascript when it logs visitor's access. You can select the version of the web page.

After select the page and push the "Finish>" button. The heatmap is generated.

View generated heat map

 After you generate heat maps. it appears in the Mouse move heatmap's page.

Generated Mouse move Heatmap

Push the "Show" button on the heatmap record, you can view the heat map with archived page.

Generated mouse move heat map

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