Font and Block Format Setting

By using font and block format menu, you can set font and format of the contents in the WYSIWYG editor.

font menus

Font size and Block setting

The font size can be changed by menu below.

font size

After selecting the text in the content editor and select the font size in this combo box.

Block setting

The text editor's block is consist of "<p>", "<h1>", "<h2>", "<hx>", "<pre>" tags. You can select the block style by the menu below.

Paragraph and Header setting

Text Align

You can set text align by using menu below.

List format

You can use list format by using menu below.

List menu

The list style is Ordered List and Unordered List. The Level of the list element can be changed by using Text Indent.

Text Decoration

You can use Superscript and Strike Through format by using menu below.

text decoration

By using Remove Formatting at right menu icon, you can remove the format.

Text Indent

You can use Indent by selecting the text block or list element and click following menu icon.

text indent

Horizon Rule

By clicking menu icon below, you can add "<hr />" tag after the cursor in the content.

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