Image Handling

By using Image handling menu, you can upload or paste image and manage them.

Image handlong menu

Upload Image

You can upload image by using menu Icon. Select the position to insert image on the content area, and click this icon. Then menu pane like below appears.

Upload image pane

In this pane, there is a form to select local image to upload. Click the "Browse..." button to select the image, and click "Upload" button. Then the image is uploaded and in the "Uploaded images".

In order to insert the image, click the image from the "Uploaded images".

Copy and Paste directly

You can use Copy and Paste using clip board of your operating system. Copy the image by Ctrl+C or save image data into the clip board by using software to take screen shots, select the location to insert image in the content area of WYSIWYG editor, and push Ctrl+V.

Then the image data is inserted into the content.

After you save the contents, the Content Management System automatically detect the embedded image data, and store it with same way with uploading image.

Edit img tag's attributes

In order to edit the "img" tag's attribute, select the image on the content area of the WYSIWYG editor and click icon.

Then a pane like below appears.

Edit img tag's attribute

In this pane, input the values and push the "Submit Query" button. Then the attributes are updated.

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