WYSIWYG Content Editor Component

This example is based on the nicedit WYSIWYG Content Editor. The WYSIWYG editor for Alinous Document CMS is customized one of it.

The nicedit is based on the own javascript framework, which is called bklib, and by using it, we can customize the editor easily. Especially, when you are going to make an application including Content Management System, the WYSIWYG content editor is essential part.

And then, you'll want to make operation easier. In order to do that, you have to be able to customize your own WYSIWYG editor. This example is open source and you can customize it freely.

Run the example

Click the NiceEdit link on the Top page of the Example Project.

Then the WYSIWYG Editor's page is shown.

WYSIWYG Editor on the Page

The example of Customized WYSIWYG Content Editor no CMS

This WYSIWYIG Content Editor is a part of Alinous Document CMS. The CMS uses this software component as the main part of document management page.

Function and Source code

The source code of WYSIWYG editor is in the Example project. The main folder of the Nicedit  source code is below.

Nicedit source code

The Nicedit is very small and portable WYSIWYG editor. Only having following files, you can use it in your website.

  • nicEdit.js
  • nicEditorIcons.gif

In addition to the default Nicedit, this project add functions. The extension's source folder is below.

NicEdit Extention source code

This folder is under the "/ALINOUS_HOME/samples/" folder. This folder includes source codes for following functions. The main Html of this example is "index.html" in the folder. About more detail, please look at following page.

Anchor Tag

Handling anchor tag in addition to the text and image link.

Image Tag

The default Nicedit can handle the image. In addition to that, this program added available image attributes and image file upload service.

Table Tag

Handling the Table Tag.

Movie and Embeded Flash

Including movie content with Flash Object tag and iframe tag.

Inner Html parts using Alinous-Core

Embedding the output of other Html file dynamically. This function uses inner html module function of the Alinous-Core.

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