Anchor Tag on WYSIWYG Editor

The Anchor tag is useful tool to make content s with rich content. When you make document about the detail of your product, this function is essential.


The Anchor tag's icon is on the header of WYSIWYG editor. This function is frequently used in the Alinous Document CMS on edit contents with the editor. Anchor tag is effective to show the section on the page that website visitors want to read soon.

wysiwyg editor's menu

In order to add anchor tag, we have to select the area to set it on the editor area.

editor area and select the text to set the anchor

Next click the icon to show the dialog to set the anchor's information.

set up anchor's name

On this dialog, input the name of anchor tag's name and push "Submit Query" button. Then the anchor is created.

created anchor on the html

After you made the anchor tag, you can select it on setting link to the text on wysiwyg editor.

select anchor on the link information dialog

Setting anchor to the index list of the page is troublesome work, but this function makes it easy.

Source code location

The location of Anchor Tag extension is in the "ALINOUS_HOME/samples/nicedit/ext/" folder.

Anchor tag extention source code

The file named "niceanchor.js" is the source code of this extension.

Extension's source code

The Extension is very simple source code. The source code is below.

This source code do following procedure.

Framework of the extention

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