Install Eclipse plugin

 The Alinous-Core provides IDE to develop with it, as Eclipse plugin. After setup the Eclipse, you can install Alinous-Core IDE plugin by network installer of the Eclipse.

Install Eclipse

 At first, you have to install Eclipse. Before that, please check JDK 1.5+ is installed in your pc.

Installing Eclipse is very easy. Go to the URL below.

Eclipse standard version

Then download "Eclipse Standard". And please select correct bitness and OS.

The Eclipse is provided as zip or "tar.gz" file, and by extractiong the archive into the prover place as you like. Then installing Eclipse is done.

Install Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin

 After you installed the Eclipse, you can install Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin via network installer.Next movie shows you how to install it from eclipse.

The updatesite used in this movie is

Update Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin

 Alinous-Core eclipse plugin is often updated. Then you can also update it with Eclipse plugin's network installer.

Select the "Help" from the top menu of the Eclipse, and select "Check for Updates" like picture below.

Eclipse updates

Then the installer checks the update of the installed plugin's version. If the plugin is updated, install wizard's dialog applears.

install wizard dialog for update

Push the "Next" button.

check installing plugin

 Then push the "Next" button. Review License dialog appears.

Review license

 Select "I accept the term of the licese agreement" and push the "Finish" button. After that, update install is automatically done.


On the process of updating plugin, warning dialog appears, but plsease push "OK" button.

restart eclipse

After the update install has been done, restarting the Eclipse IDE is required, so please push the "Yes" button and restart it.

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