Runserver on 80 port

 The default port which tomcat runs is 8080 port. But when you deploy your application in your server, you have to run on 80 port. In this page, I'll show you how to run Alinous-Core server on 80 port.

 There are two way to do that.

Using the Tomcat directly

 if you use the Tomcat as the web server, change the "server.xml". It is in the folder below.



 In this file the port to run is defined.

 At the "Connector", default port is defined as "8080", Therefore please change here into "80".

Using Tomcat with mod_ajp

 When you use the Apache Httpd Server, you can use mod_ajp. By using the mod_ajp, the httpd server get the result responce from the Tomcat and return it to the web browser.

 In order to setup mod_ajp, open the httpd conf. And write the configuration about the Location like below.

If you want to use the mod_ajp, write like below.

By setting the DocumentRoot into the ALINOUS_HOME, you can use both Tomcat and Apache Httpd Server. The file don't have to do server side operation, like css, image files and Javascripts, you can return it via Apache Httpd Server directly by writing like below.


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