Attributes to handle array variables

 You often use SELECT sentence in the Alinous-Script, then the SELECT sentence returns an array variable. In this page, I'll show you how to embed it in the HTML.

Array variables in the script

 The array variables's name starts with "@". And you can point the element variable with index.

Array variable example

 In order to extract array into HTML, you have to use "alns:iterate" and "alns:variable" attributes. The sample is below.


 At first, make the array variable to embed in the next HTML file. This structure is same with variables returned by SELECT sentence.


alns:iterate attribute

 Ths attribute specify the array to extract.

alns:variable attribute

 Ths attribute specify the iterator variable. The tag with "alns:iterate" variable iterates for times of array size.

Each time the iterator variable is set the element of the array to extract at the time.

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