Double API Reference

This function is to handle variables whose type is Doube. About the Double variable type, please take a look at Script and variables.

The double typed variable is generated when you execute SELECT SQL including column of REAL type, and you defined a value with "." like below.

On other cases the value is generated as integer value. You can watch the value type by the debugger which Alinous-Core IDE provides.

These function has a argument "$dbl". This argumant can be of other type, for example, string type. Then it is necessary for the variable's value to be parsed as double.

format($dbl, $pattern)

 Format the double value. In the pattern, '0' and '#' are available.

setScale($dbl, $scale)

 Round half up the double value at $scale.

roundHalfUp(dbl, scale)

Round down the double value at $scale.

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