Alinous-Core Lightweight Language Tutorial

 This section is to get started Alinous-Core. After understanding this section, you can create most of web applications !

Learn the outline of Alinous-Core by Movies

 There are some tutorial processes in this page, and the are movies to show you how to work them.

Basic knowledge of programming language

 This sample project contains sample code to learn basic knowledge.

Please take a look at information below before you start to develop your own project. After watching these movies, maybe you need to know detail of functions used in the SampleProject.

Create new project

 Alinous-Core IDE has "new project" wizard. You can make bundled projects with this wizard, and it is setuped automatically.

Run the server

After you created a new project, you can run it in your local machine. It is because Alinous-Core IDE has embeded server, so youcan launch it from the IDE, and check the program.

Using debugger

  The embeded server supports debugging. Therefore it communicate with Alinous-Core IDE and you can execute your program step by step in debugging mode.


 The Alinous-Core can include other html into the div tag. This function is supported by programming language.

  • Portlet
    • About the portlet
    • How to wirte

Connect SQL and HTML

 In the Alinous-Core programming language, the web page is generated by 2 steps. At first, make variables used in the HTML by script program, and next, input them into the HTML template.

  • Connect SQL and HTML
    • Sample of SELECT sentence in the sample project
    • Adjust where section
    • Edit variables in the script

Validator (standard)

 Alinous-Core's extended HTML supports server side validation of the imput form in the HTML.

  • Validator
    • Standard validator
      • notnull
      • int
      • uint
      • double
      • udouble
      • regex

Custom validator

 If the validation logic requires the database access or programming, you can write custom validation login in the Alinous-Script.

Basic authentication

 The Alinous-Core supports simple and easy basic authentication using database relm.

  • Basic authentication
    • Sample setting of "alinous-config.xml"
      • Define zone and relm
      • About zone tag
      • About relm tag

Form authentication

 In addition to the basic authentication, you can write form authentication in your appllication. The basic scheme is same with the basic authentication. The difference is you have to specify the login, confirm page and write your own authentication logic.

  • Form authentication
    • Form authentication setting
    • Writing form authentication page and logic
    • Logout

File Upload

 Alinous-Core support file upload.

Make RSS

 The RSS is usualy in the website. This is the sample to make RSS in Alinous-Core.

After learned tutorial

 After you learned this tutorial, please take a look at Web and SQL functions. This page has more information about what this programming language supports.

In addition to that, There are some examples and applications in For web-developers section. Applications in this section is available with the new wizard written in this tutorial.

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