Create the jQuery server side example Project

 Creating  the jQuery server side example Project. The way to create is two ways. By new project wizard of Eclipse, or checkout source code from

Create project with Eclipse's wizard

 The Alinous-Core Eclipse plugin has new wizard to make this sample. This is theeasiest way to make new project. The process is almost same with making a new project in the tutorial section.

The dirrerence is when you chose the project template, please select "Html and jQuery Example".

New project wizard

In this way, the database is automatically set up by running the install script. The new project wizard automatically do it, so you just start Alinous-Core server and run it.


Download from Subversion repository

You can download the source code from subversion repository. The repository is in the

Check out from suvbersion repository

 Open the terminal and execute command below.

By this command, you can checkout the sample project in your current directory.

created project folder

 In this folder, there are 3 folders. So please go into the trunc folder.

imported-project folder

 The "Html5Project" folder is eclipse project.

Eclipse project file

So you can import this project into Eclipse.In order to import the project, you have to launch the Eclipse IDE and right click in the Package Exploler. The context menu will appear, then select "Import" from the menu. After you select it "Import" dialog appears like below.

Select Existing Project into workspace

 Select The "Existing Project into Workspace", and click the "Next" button. Then the dialog below appears.

Select root directory and import project

Click the "Browse" button next to the "Select root Directory", and select the "trank" folder you have checked out. Then the Html5 Project will appears in the Projects area.

Check the project and puch the "Finish" button, the project is imported into the work space.

After you import the project, launch the Alinous-Core server, and access the install script's url. Then the setup is done.


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